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Tesla Unveils Optimus-Gen 2: Elon Musk’s Revolutionary Humanoid Robot Redefining Automation with Dancing, Squats, and Egg Boiling Skills

Elon Musk Optimus Gen 2
Optimus gen 2 in tesla

Optimus-Gen 2 is the third humanoid robot from Tesla after  Bumblebee (Sep 2022) and Optimus-Gen 1 (March 2021).

About Elon Musk Humanoid Robot “Optimus Gen-2″

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at TESLA, Elon Musk’s company unveiled Optimus-Gen 2, a humanoid robot that can perform similar tasks as humans. It can dance, squat, and boil eggs. Also, Elon Musk shared a video showing significant improvements made to the robot since its prototype.

Optimus-Gen 2
optimus gen walking 2 in tesla factory

This new version , called “Optimus Gen 2,” not only performs basic tasks like walking and carrying objects, It surprised everyone by showing us complex tasks like dancing, squatting, and boiling eggs.

This video shared by Musk on Social media Platform x shows Optimus Gen-2 Working in the Tesla factory

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 13, 2023

Features of the Elon Musk “Optimus Gen-2”

  1. According to Tesla, the Optimus Gen 2 is 10kg (22 pounds) lighter than the prototype and also 30% faster than the prototype.
  2. The robot has improved balance and full-body control and, therefore, can even do squats.
  3. The machine has faster, brand-new hands with 11 degrees of freedom (DOF) , the hands in turn, and sensing tactile on fingers, allowing the humanoid to hold delicate objects like eggs without breaking them.
  4. Some other features are: an actuated neck with 2-DoF, actuator-integrated electronics and harnessing, foot force torque sensing ,in-house actuators and sensors, etc.

Before the Elon Musk Humanoid Robot “Optimus Gen 2” ,shelf life of the battery was very short , it has been increased, which can be used for work for a long time .

Apart from this, it connects through Wi-Fi and LTE, like smartphones. It also includes audio capabilities for better communication and built-in cyber security features that keep threats away.

Elon Musk also Highlighted the transformative impact of the humanoid robot “Optimus Gen 2” During the Tesla shareholder meeting in 2022,suggesting that it would be able to redefine the economy by addressing labour shortages. Earlier in the month, Musk had shared another video of Optimus doing autonomous tasks like samsung and object sorting ,now people are very excited to see it . Will Humanoid Robot Optimus Be Introduced in 2024? You said in the comments .

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