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Blockbuster Success: ‘Leave the World Behind’ Makes $50 Million at the Box Office!

Leave the World Behind” is a science fiction movie that is based on a 2020 Rumaan Alam novel. Written and directed by Sam Esmail, Netflix was scheduled to release this movie globally on December 8, 2023. “Leave the World Behind” closes the total $50 million collection at the box office.

In this movie, there is a family named Sanford, which includes Amanda ,Rose ,Clay ,and Archive. The Sanford family goes on an island for vacation. But after some time, they realise that there has been a civil war and their TVs, phones, and networks are not working. We are going to see how they will survive this incident and who the mastermind behind this war is. Also, there is a plot twist for the microwave weapon.

Leave The World Behind : Story Line

The Sanford family is a tech-obsessed family and goes on a long island vacation. While they reach the island, the Sanford family encounters a myriad of peculiarities, including crashed planes and an unexpected acquaintance named Scott, who reveals a government conspiracy.

Leave The world Behind

The family, which sees self-driving car crashes and bizarre occurrences, faces a disintegrating society. Tension arises as Ruth accuses Clay of inappropriate behaviour . With Rose missing and Archie’s health deteriorating, they seek refuge with survivalist Danny. G.H. unveils a plot to plunge the nation into chaos. The climax reveals a war, compelling the family to seek refuge in an underground bunker for safety .The story ends with Rose discovering a DVD of his friends, providing an ironic sense of normalcy amid the apocalyptic chaos.

Leave The world Behind Box Office collection

Firstly, talk about the budget. The Leave the World Behind” movie has a $20-$25 million budget ,and it brings in about $50 million at the box office. Netflix serves as the main platform for this movie, as “Leave the World Behind” gained an impressive 45 million views in just a few days of its debut on the streaming service.

Leave The World Behind

Production Budget$20-$25 million
Box Office Collection$50million
Worldwide Box Office Collection$50 million
Overall Collection$50 million
First dayN/A
Hit or FlopHit


Leave the world behind. Box Office: The budget and box office collection of “Leave the World Behind” are very low, as release screens are very low and location is limited. The producers have completed this film as well as other horror films with a smaller budget. The producers of this film, namely (Julia Roberts, Marisa Yeres Gill, Lisa Gillan , and Chad Hamilton), have assembled a cast that includes (Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myhala , and Kevin Bacon).

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Cast and Crews: Leave The world Behind Box Office



Directed By:Sam Esmail
Screen Play by :Sam Esmail
Based on :“Leave the world behind” by Rumaan Alam
Produced by :Julia Roberts, Marisa Yeres Gill, Lisa Gillan, Michelle Obama, Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Barack Obama.  


Starring :Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la, Kevin Bacon.
Cinematography :Tod Campbell
Edited by :Lisa Lassek.
Music by :Mac Quayle.
Production Companies   Esmail Corp, Red Om Films, Higher Ground Productions.
Distributed byNetflix
Release DatesOctober 25, 2023 (AFI), November 22, 2023
Running Time141 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$20-$25 Million
Box office$50 Million

Star Cast: Leave the World Behind

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Julia RobertsAmanda Sandford
Ethan HawkeClay Sandford
Mahershala AliG. H. Scott
Farrah MackenzieRose Sandford
Myha’laRuth Scott
Charlie EvansArchie Sandford
Alexis Rae ForlenzaDanny’s Daughter
Kevin BaconDanny
Vanessa AspillagaSalvadora
Erica ChoJocelyn
Orli GottesmanTaylor
Josh DrennenOfficer Crow


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