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Godzilla Minus One: Unveiling the $15 Million Spectacle’s Success, Cast, and Worldwide Box Office!”

Godzilla Minus One Budget: With a modest budget, the highly anticipated Japanese film holds great promise. Here we will know all about Godzilla Minus One budget, hit or flop, cast, and box office collection worldwide.

Godzilla minus one

Godzilla Minus One is written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki after releasing his film The Great War of Archimedes (2019). It is the 37th film in the Godzilla franchise . Takshi Yamazaki was selected to make Godzilla minus one,  featuring starring actors Mimami Hamabe , Ryunosuke Kamikk i, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yohioka , Sakura, and Kuranosuke Sasaki.

Godzilla Minus One Budget

This awesome movie was made on a tight budget and produced by Minami Ichikawa, Kazuaki Kishida, Keiichiro Moriya, and Kenji Yamada. The creators of Godzilla Minus One Budget state that it’s made with a $15 million budget, covering production expenses, poster advertising, and other costs. This movie is being produced by Robot Communication and distributed by Toho.

Godzilla Minus One was created with great excitement and buzz among the fans. According to official sources, this film collected more than $34 million at a budget of $15 million. It is called a big hit on the box office. The fans love this movie, giving it a thumbs up for its fantastic story, characters ,and messages in the movie. They even said it was as good as other recent Hollywood movies.

Godzilla Minus One budget and Box Office Collection.

The performance of Godzilla minus one at the box office is so good. Godzilla minus one achieved a milestone by becoming the first film to gross $7.8 million in just three days. Overall, according to Godzilla makers, it made about $23.1 million in Japan altogether. It was released theatrically in Canada as well as in the USA on November 3, 2023. It made $4.5 million on the first day and earned about $11 million. By adding the overall collection of Godzilla minus one, we made around $34.2 million worldwide.

Production Budget$15 million
Box Office Collection$64 million
Worldwide Box Office Collection$64 million
Overall Collection$64 million
First day$4.7 million in USA 
First WeekendFirst Weekend
Hit or FlopHit
Release ScreensN/A


Godzilla Minus one World-Wide Box office collection

 RegionBox Office Gross         
United States/Canada   $34,257,586
New Zealand$90,755
Worldwide Total$64,102,516

Pilot: Godzilla Minus One Budget

Back in 1945, during a major conflict known as World War II, there was a pilot named Kōichi. He pretended that his aeroplane had some problems and landed on an island called Odo. The person in charge of fixing planes, Sosaku, checked and didn’t find any issues. But later that night, a huge dinosaur-like creature called Godzilla appeared and started attacking the island.


It hurt a lot of people, but Kōichi and Sōsaku survived. Sōsaku believed that it was Kōichi’s fault that the others got hurt. After a long time, Kōichi came back to Tokyo. He felt so sad because he survived while others died. Read more….

Godzilla Minus one Budget :  Star Cast

Minami HamabeNoriko Oishi
Sakura AndoSumiko Ota
Ryunosuke KamikiKoichi Shikishima
Yuki YamadaShiro Mizushima (as Yûki Yamada)
Munetaka AokiSosaku Tachibana
Kuranosuke SasakiYoji Akitsu
Michael Arias—-
Hidetaka YoshiokaKenji Noda
Yûya EndôTadayuki Saito
Kisuke IidaAkio Itagaki


Godzilla Minus one Budget :  Cast and Crews

      Category                     Details
Directed ByTakashi Yamazaki
Written byTakashi Yamazaki
Based onGodzilla by Ishirō Honda
Visual effects byTakashi Yamazaki, Kiyoko Shibuya
Produced byMinami Ichikawa, Kazuaki Kishida, Keiichirō Moriya & Kenji Yamada
StarringRyunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sakura Ando & Kuranosuke Sasaki
Edited byRyūji Miyajima
CinematographyKōzō Shibasaki
Music byNaoki Satō
Production companiesToho Studios, Robot Communications
Distributed byToho
Release datesOctober 18, 2023 (Shinjuku), November 3, 2023 (Japan)
Running time125 minutes
Budget$15 million
Box office$64 million


Godzilla minus One Budget : Conclusion

In the realm of cinema, Godzilla Minus One stands out as a remarkable success story. Directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki,this installment in the Godzilla franchise. Godzilla, minus one budget, was $50 million and collected.


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